Affordable Information Technology and Computer Science Degrees Online

Information technology is a career that is expanding particularly in the health care arena. An online information technology degree program is one way to become part of an occupational sector that is growing at an 18% rate through 2014 (according to the US Bureau of Statistics). Federal mandates regarding privacy and electronic record keeping in health care are driving the growth in this area. Of course the business world has the need for information security as well. Many colleges and universities are offering online associates, bachelors, and masters degrees in the science of information technology with specialties in networking, information systems security, desktop operations, and Internet systems development.

Course work consists of classes in operating systems, software security, computer programing, project planning, systems analysis and design, e-commerce, core business principles or health care management, depending on the specialty. Classes are available online to be completed at the students convenience. Instructors and other students are accessible online. Online classes make getting a degree in information technology, or advancing a degree an option for people who are currently employed and cannot attend a traditional campus-based class. Online classes also remove the barriers of geography or financial constraints.

An associates degree leads to an entry level position, with salaries starting at $30,000. Salary ranges increase with bachelors, and masters degrees. There are approximately 190,000 unfilled positions because of lack of qualified workers. Obviously having a degree in information technology, whether business related or health care related, puts that person in a good position in the future in regards to employ-ability, opportunity, and financial standing.

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