Is Google Glass Going to Become A Personal VR Time Travel Machine to the Past?

Google Glass has so many applications it’s hard to say where to start isn’t it? Mechanics like the idea of having the objects manual right in front of their eyes, and it would sure come in handy when traveling or trying to find directions. Coaches love the idea in looking at stats when watching their players, and it might really come in handy for the military or policing. And really who hasn’t wanted all that computing power right where they need it all the time?

Still, it seems to me that in many regards Google Glass can also become our add-on memory, instant information data base of the whole world, and a virtual reality time travel machine as well. You see, time seems to be relative from where ever you are, but just because you are there, doesn’t mean the device has to be. Just as you can travel down memory lane in your mind, Google Glass can do the same, and it if it perpetually connected to the “Internet of Things” then it is one with the past and present – all of it – literally from the first written recorded words to the latest viral video which is about to go viral in 10 more seconds, and it knows it first.

Okay so, maybe it is a past-present-and-future period device in that case, seeing (literally) through time, as if time doesn’t exist, mainly because, well, it doesn’t. Time is only a perception, we know this to be true even if we work hard to live in the present most of the time. Google Glass connected to all this information along with decision making software, artificial intelligent super computer cloud systems, and probability statistics is literally a teller of time in the future sense, a portable psychic – almost. That’s a scary thought, but even as this device threatens to change everything – there is undoubtedly opportunity in such crisis and revolutionary disruptive technology.

There is an interesting book titled; “The Geography of Time” and also an interesting TED Talk by the same title and author/speaker worthy of mention on this topic. Namely, it discusses how different cultures using different languages have come to think of time in different ways. What if everyone saw time the same way? What if time became neutral in human thought and human endeavors? Will there be a “time-divide” like the digital-divide until everyone gets on the same page with the same Google Glass Technology.

If you don’t see this technology for what it is, you are not paying attention. Yes, self-driving cars, 3-D printing, and nanotechnology will change everything – but so too will Google Glass, and if not this first generation of this technology – soon enough, and if you had those high-tech glasses of the future now – you’d see it in a very polarized and rose glasses way today. Please consider all this and think on it.

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