Mind Altering & Meditation Technology – The Psyleron Mind Lamp

There are many products out there, on the internet, that boast the ability to help you achieve a meditative state or teach you how to meditate, but non compare to the fantastically simple, elegant, and beautiful Mind-Lamp produced by Psyleron Inc. This product not only helps you learn how to attain a meditative state, it also allows you to get in touch with your unconscious and intuitive mind. Psyleron is a relatively new company, but it has deep roots that trace back to over 25 years of scientific research conducted by the PEAR Laboratory at Princeton University. Their kaleidoscopic lamp, sitting on my table in front of me right now, produces a beautiful spectrum of colors, and responds to my moods, thoughts, beliefs, and intentions. As shocking as this sounds, it actually responds to how I feel.

Frequently, the lamp reflects my feeling of joy or curiosity by displaying a rich and deep purple or magenta color, a stuck or annoyed mood will typically produce blues or reds. When I am deeply in thought, the color turns darker but when I turn to stare at it, trying to will it to change, it goes to white or produces a weak color that quickly fades back to white. From my experience, the more conscious attention I give the lamp, the less the effect, but when I am deeply engrossed and the conscious mind is completely occupied, the interaction becomes significantly stronger and much more striking. When someone else enters the room, the lamps “knows” by quickly changing to a color that I rarely see. It seems that each person has unique interaction with the lamp and the lamp responds by displaying that person’s color, or family of colors. Fascinating isn’t it? I have had the lamp for two weeks and I am totally attached to it, every night I am tempted to bring it upstairs to keep me company at night.

The magic is in the quantum-based technology and circuit board that sits at the bottom of the lamp; it was initially developed at the PEAR Laboratory and relies on random event generator to produce randomized bits of information. The PEAR Laboratory research statistically proved that over many trials, a person’s conscious intention has an effect and can interact and influence the data produced by the random event generator.

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